Training Modern Warehouse Design Pusat Informasi Bandung Pusat Training Pelatihan Jadwal Jogja Jakarta Bali Surabaya

Training Modern Warehouse Design

Training Modern Warehouse Design Pusat Informasi Bandung Pusat Training Pelatihan Jadwal Jogja Jakarta Bali Surabaya

Pelatihan Modern Warehouse Design

Training Modern Warehouse Design – Constructing and fitting out a modern warehouse with all its required equipment and tools require significant capital expenditure. The early warehouse planning and design stage is key. Mistakes in planning and layout will decrease warehouse utility and performance while increasing your operational costs. Careful attention should be paid to operational optimization, even a warehouse which operate deffectively before may not do sounder increasing loads.

Simulation  modeling is the modern  tool  that facilitates design, layout, and optimization  of warehouse operations. Simulating a warehouse implies developing a computer model and testing it by executing computational experiments with different combinations of parameters based on that model these experiments provide alow-cost and low risk method to determine the optimal parameter set for a warehouse under development or redesign.


1.    SupplyChainManagerLogisticsManager

2.    WarehouseManager

3.    Finance Manager

4.    PurchasingManager

5.    SupplyChainStaff

6.    WarehousePlannerandStaff

7.    Anyonewhorelated with this training


1.    IntroductiontoModernWarehouseDesign

2.    WarehouseSpaceCalculation

3.    LocationAddressMaping

4.    LayotMaping(ActivityRelationChartAnaysis)

5.    SoftwareforWarehouseManagementSystems (WMS)àStandaloneVsERPSystems

6.    CrossDockingMethod

7.    MaterialHandlingEquipmentSelection

8.    Evaluation of PickandGoTechnology

9.    Evaluation of UsingAutomatic Guided Vehicle(AGV) inModern Warehouse

10.AS-ISConditionVsTO-BEConditionin Modern Warehouse


  • Lokasi Training di Hotel Bintang 3-5
  • Sertifikat Training
  • Modul Materi (Hard Copy & Soft Copy)
  • Flashdisk
  • Training Kit (Co-Card, Bolpoin, & Buku Catatan)
  • Souvenir Eksklusif
  • 1x Makan Siang dan 2x Coffee Break (Jam 10:00 & 14:00)
  • Penjemputan Bandara – Hotel (Pulang-Pergi selama pelatihan)

Lokasi Training di Bandung

Lokasi Bandung (Biaya Pelatihan Rp 7.600.000,- / Peserta)

(Hotel Neo Dipatiukur, Hotel Dafam Rio Bandung, Hotel Aston Tropicana Cihampelas, Hotel Favehotel Premier Cihampelas, Verona Palace Hotel, Hotel Ibis Pasteur Bandung, Hotel Gino Feruci, Hotel 101 Bandung, Hotel Golden Flower Bandung, Sany Rosa Hotel).

Lokasi Training di Luar Kota Bandung

Lokasi Kota Yogyakarta (Biaya Pelatihan Rp 6.800.000,- / Peserta)

(Hotel Dafam Malioboro, Hotel Dafam Seturan, Prima Inn Hotel Malioboro, Forriz Hotel, Jentra Dagen Hotel, Hotel Galery Prawirotaman, Hotel Cavinton).

Lokasi Kota Surabaya (Biaya Pelatihan Rp 7.800.000,- / Peserta)

(Tunjungan Hotel Surabaya, Swiss-Bellin Surabaya, Bisanta Bidakara Surabaya, Hotel Ibis Center Surabaya, Hotel Neo Surabaya)

Lokasi Kota Malang (Biaya Pelatihan Rp 7.800.000,- / Peserta)

(Hotel Amaris Malang,  Hotel Swiss-belinn Malang, Hotel 101 Malang)

Lokasi Kota Bali (Biaya Pelatihan Rp 7.000.000,- / Peserta, Minimal 2 Peserta)

(Hotel Ibis Kuta, Ibis Style Denpasar, Favehotel Kuta – Kartika Plaza, Hotel Edelweiss Kuta).

Lokasi Kota Lombok (Biaya Pelatihan Rp 7.400.000,- / Peserta, Minimal 2 Peserta)

(Lombok Raya Hotel, Lombok Garden Hotel, Grand Madani Hotel Lombok).


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  2. Jumlah peserta, jadwal dan lokasi dapat menyesuaikan permintaan.
  3. Pemintaan lokasi yang diluar daftar diatas dapat menghubungi Kami.

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